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just ordered giant antheme x3 09 only few available left in sml frame apparently. Just wondering how will find time to enjoyed it with fulltime job & 3 kids. Hubby thinks its great i m joining him and as we live away from family, mum offered to mind kids 4 weekends whilst we find some good trails. Anyone else struggle to find time to ride? Also is the fizik vitesse saddle worth £80 got great reviews and I think if spending 5 hours on it probaly worth it be but hubby said HOW MUCH :!:


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    i'm quite lucky that even though my husband and i work full time my daughter is older now (11 in a few weeks :shock: ) and is a pretty good wee rider so usually comes with us. however 3 kids...... don't think i could cope with that!!!

    always get out at the weekends and in the summer in the evenings though :D suspect it will be a bit tougher over the winter though
  • Congrats on your new bike. Finding that model still in stock is an achievement in itself. I'm sure you'll love it!

    As for saddles, they're kind of impossible to recommend as what is comfortable to one person is absolute torture for another! This is especially true for us women I think.

    The Fizik is fine but there is nothing specifically special about it that makes it worth the dosh IMO. Unfortunately, there is a lot of trial and error involved with saddles. The good news is that on a mountain bike you tend to spend more time out of the saddle than on a road bike and the seat position tends to be much lower. This means you are sitting with your weight further back which stops the front of the saddle digging in where it shouldn't. You also have a full-suss, which provides a bit more 'bounce'. Just make sure that the rear shock is properly set up for your weight.

    I would recommend keeping the saddle that comes with the bike for the time being and trying a couple of rides (with a good pair of padded shorts obviously). If you get any pain you can then pin-point exactly where the discomfort is and what you need to look for in a saddle to rectify it.

    It's also worth bearing in mind that long hours in the saddle are going to make you ache if you're new to it - so don't be discouraged right away!
  • Thanks ours are 3.7, & 10 difficult ages to ride all together but we try ! I m going to join a group of ladies that go out on a monday nite. Live on isle of man not looking forward to wet & windy winters but need to do the trainng as saw my husband conpleted the end 2 end a few weeks ago 45 miles mainly off road and said I can do that ! gives me a year to get fit!
  • Finding time to ride was always an issue. I am no longer with 4yr old boys mum, split before we knew. I work 12hr shifts day and nights and have my boy on my days off(180ish days/nights a year) :D . Its all good and we are good friends but riding time was hard to fit in. Then it happened! School. WOW, 09:05 i am back home and at 13:45 i set off back for him, 14:45 after halfterm.
    Going out in a few mins for a spin

    I know i am not a woman but i wanted to add my bit on the subject
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  • cool fletch the 3 yrs at nursery 4 days and boys at school so lucky really :D work shifts too ! start 7 nights tonite been out on bike before boys come home from school ! Should cycle more with kids but we are also selffish nice to have time away without worrying bout where they are and what they up too!!!
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    there's nothing selfish about wanting some time to yourselves!!! There's way to much pressure to be the perfect parent nowadays where you should be doing more of this, less of that, buying them this or taking them to that.

    long as they're happy you shouldn't feel bad!

    Plus bet they're happy to escape mum and dad sometimes too!! :D
  • fittch28 your right about the selfish thing. We have an agreement about my holidays, they are mine to do what i want, be it go away, stay local have boy for an extra night or 2 its all ok.
    On the original theme we are also lucky that mum lives in the north yorkshire moors so when we go see granny i get to have weekend rides, he pretends to be an angel and then gets spoilt.

    I am not convinced it would be any easier if we were all as 1 family.

    hearndenemma, good luck with the training, wet and windy will be a relief when you leave hubby to deal with their mardy moods
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