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cut in new tyre, what to do (picture included)

diarmuiddiarmuid Posts: 73
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I have a new set of Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech tires on my bike and after a relatively short time I have a cut on the tyre. I haven't punctured from it yet but am wondering if I should change the tyre or stick some super glue in it or what?

Here are some pictures. Click on them to see the full resolution

Any opinions?


  • Depends how deep, but superglue's gotta be worth a try (and carry and extra spare tube just in case)
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  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Blimey I've had loads of them on my tyres, don't worry too much just deflate the tyre and run some superglue into the gap, push together and hold for a minute or two. Leave to dry for a while before pumping then go for a short spin, if it opens up then the tyres shot but usually it holds for ages.
  • brucey72brucey72 Posts: 1,086
    It depends how deep the split is although it does look quite a long split too.

    As someone has already suggested try superglue. I use it on small but deep splits under 5mm but anything over 1cm I would personally replace the tyre. I am reluctant to risk my safety for the sake of a £20 tyre for the same reason I replace inner tubes if I puncture.

    Also if you do use the superglue method make sure you buy a decent one as from personal experience these tend to be more flexible than the cheap "own brand" ones...........loctite seems to work well
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