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Altura commuting jacket

swssws Posts: 81
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Hope this is the right place for my post - apologies if not.

I'm looking to buy a waterproof jacket for the winter commute - an 8 mile cycle each way on backroads with no street lightling. I like the look of the Altura Night Vision waterproof jackets.

I'm swithering about whether to pay the extra for the EVO version of the jacket and would really like some feedback from anyone who currently uses the standard one or the EVO one.

Do they perform well in the rain and does anyone know what the EVO does better ?

Many thanks
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  • sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
    Hiya, I commute 8 miles each way, too :)

    I bought one of these - the exact brand and model I forget - but it's yer standard-issue yeller-waterproof-jacket that you buy because you see lots of people wearing them and because you assume you want to be kept away from rain.

    I wore it to begin with - February was rather cold - but MY the wonder when I ceased to wear it in about March and just went with some long sleeved T shirts instead (that was before buying up proper stuff) - it's wonderful not to boil-in-the-bag! You don't get wet from rain but with those jackets you /do/ get wet from sweat and it's not very comfortable at all.

    This year I've got myself a soft-shell and a thermal/wicking base layer from Aldi, and plan to use these (with maybe a mid-layer of a jersey) until I'm truly too cold, then maybe I'll get ol' Yeller back for a bit.

    I have a hi-viz vest to throw on top at night - it's not the most technical of tops BUT it's a damn sight more breathable than the yellow jacket!

    I'm trying to make sure you don't waste £50 like I think I did - start with a bright soft shell and maybe borrow one of the waterproof jackets if you can (you're not a short woman like me, are you?) - you might be more comfortable :)
  • R_T_AR_T_A Posts: 488
    +1 for the soft shell approach. I overheated massively in my Altura jacket hardly ever use it now.
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  • sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
    Oh, also to add, if you worry about cold rain but also don't like the idea of dying in a portable sauna, consider a very light packable rain jacket to throw on top temporarily if you get stuck in a shower.

    If it rains all the way home (8 miles, anyway) it'll probably keep just enough water off so that what does get through doesn't get to your skin anyway...

    Some people enjoy the Montane Velo FeatherLite ( ... elID=11427 ) but there are cheaper versions available - I bought another cheapie in a LIDL sale in spring and haven't used it yet - it packs up barely bigger than a tennis ball :)
  • AguilaAguila Posts: 622
    I have an altura night vision waterproof. It is fine for winter and is fully waterproof. it does have 2 zipped vents under the airms and a rear vent so isn't as bad for boil in the bag as sara makes out. that said you will be too hot in it at the moment.

    I favour the softshell approach most of the time for winter/spring as they are more breathable, I use the rapha lighweight softshell. I reserve the night vision for days it is going to really hammer it down.

    I use the montane velo featherlite in summer, good value but certainly not waterproof, keeps you from getting cold which is the main thing.

    If you can spend a bit more I'd recommend an eVent jacket like this: ... 360037016/

    I have some eVent overtrousers and they are amazing, by far the most breathable waterproof I've ever used.

    If money is no object I'd get a rapha stowaway:
  • sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
    Aguila wrote:
    I have an altura night vision waterproof. It is fine for winter and is fully waterproof. it does have 2 zipped vents under the airms and a rear vent so isn't as bad for boil in the bag as sara makes out.
    You're clearly not as sweaty as me ;)

    I do sweat a lot :shock:
  • AguilaAguila Posts: 622
    No I sweat loads!!

    I assumed your jacket didn't have the vents that the night vision has. Didn't mean to suggest you were unduly sweat challenged. :)
  • MonkeypumpMonkeypump Posts: 1,528
    I aslo sweat a lot in my Night Vision jacket, despite the vents. It only get used when it's almost too miserable to go out...

    The Evo version is apparently more breathable, but I don't have first-hand experience. However, I've just got an Altura Pocket Rocket - hasn't been tested in full-on downpours, but seems okay so far. Nice snug cut too, so no flapping around.
  • The waterproofing on my Night Vision went in about a year. Remember to wash it in non-bio to put off this as long as possible. It is still a good wind/shower-proof jacket at its price point however.

    If you want a GOOD breathable waterproof, have a look at Gore.
  • risris Posts: 392
    my altura night vision lost its night vision after 18months or so as well. i've all but given up on waterproof jackets now, if it is raining that hard i'm bound to get wet anyway so i might as well get it over with and focus on pedalling harder.
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