Bargain of the week?

Joe_Pineapples Posts: 1,718
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£7.99 at Lidl.

No good workshop should be without one. Now I can return the one I 'borrowed' from work.


  • redvee
    redvee Posts: 11,922
    Got one myself the weekend before last. Comes in a nice plastic case and with battery.
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  • Northwind
    Northwind Posts: 14,675
    Oh cool, I just lost mine (somewhere in the garage...)
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  • P-Jay
    P-Jay Posts: 1,478
    Digital Micromitor for £8! Bargain. Sadly I'm so gash I simply don't need anything that acurate. Might be why I've even up on a disected brake caliper that's sat on my workbench this evening.