Tarmac V Secteur?????

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I am something of a beginner to road riding but I am now in the position to make a choice as to what I am going to buy as my first road bike.

Have test ridden the Specialized Secteur last weekend and it was like nothing else I'd experienced! Light, fast, easy to deal with and feeling really comfortable.

The thing is this:
I can buy either the Secteur, or the Secteur Sport the latter at £649 at my local (really cool) bike shop and I'll be getting it on 0% interest over a year, which in these hard times makes it a very manageable buy.

Then, when my mind was nearly made up, a good friend phoned yesterday and said, "don't buy it!"

His mate has a 2006/2007 Specialized Tarmac Comp and has only used it a couple of times (bought it to start doing triathalons but didn't get going...) So, its in mint condition and he's offering it to me for £600!!!

My problem is simply this: I just don't know which bike will suit me better??? I am a newbie to road riding but I am not primarily after speed (I want SOME, but its not my main issue...) I just love going out locally and clocking up 20-40 miles a couple of times a week and 100+ miles now and again. Which of these bikes is gonna deliver the goods for me? All help and advice will be gratefully received...
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    Sectuer is the alloy version of a Roubaix.

    Personally I prefer the tarmac geometry.
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  • Is the Tarmac comfortable over long distances though?
    "There's more to life than bikes you know, but not much more..." (with apologies to Morrissey)
  • The Tarmac will be offer the higher spec, carbon frame and a better group set.

    The Secteur has a more relaxed geometry which should provide a more comfortable riding position, would be worth test riding the Tarmac then you will be sure which model suits you personally.

    I tested both the Tarmac and Roubaix which has the same geometry as the Secteur, but for me personally found the riding position better and so does my poor neck and back.
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    Why wouldn't it be?

    If it's:

    a. the right size
    b. has the tyres at the right pressure

    It'll be comfortable.
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    the tarmac is a much better spec and a 'better' buy - as said it is carbon and will have a higher groupset than the sectaur.

    however - if it is a 2006 one then it will be very different to the sectaur in feel and riding position. - the tarmac has 'softened' over the past couple of years and has got closer to the roubaix in headtube length - raising the riding position - but the 2006 ones were very racy indeed.

    your choice - but bang for buck the tarmac is a better buy - if you can live with the riding position!
  • if its in good nick and hasnt had a prang the tarmac sounds like a good buy...

    you'll love either of them though...