Road Chatter on Trek 1.5 D

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Can anybody help me?
I have a 2008 Ttrek 1.5 Double (Bontrager Sport 53/39 with SRAM chain and cassette). I love the bike, but it has developed a very tinny road chatter when ridden on the road. When on the bike stand, the sound does not occur. I have had the bike serviced twice, specifically asking for the road chatter to be fixed. However, after both services, the chatter remains. It sounds like a very superficial chatter, almost as if the gear / brake cables are twanging the frame, but I have ruled this out.
Do I need to upgrade the crankset? I would like some advice on a replacement crankset too. Can I fit one with external bearings to the 1.5's bottom bracket?


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    I hear similar on my 1.5, and it absolutely 100% is the cables bouncing off the frame.
  • Nerrep wrote:
    I hear similar on my 1.5, and it absolutely 100% is the cables bouncing off the frame.

    +1, get something to stick on to dull the chattering if it bothers you. Also make sure the forks are not moving about, if they are could be headset needs tightening but that shouldn't chatter that much.
  • Thanks both, much appreciated. I'll go back and re-explore the cables and see if I can ensure there is no slap on the frame. Cheers.
  • You could get some of the doughnuts to pop on the cables. LBS should have some if you ask
  • Thanks for this. I've not heard of doughnuts for cables, but I'll ask. Thanks again.
  • I had a similar problem with my bike and it was the rims hitting the brake blocks. Hasn't gone away completely but much improved by slacking off the cable adjusters a bit to give more space between rims and blocks (don't overdo it, though). :wink:
  • Thanks Bill D. Really appreciate all these tips.
  • Bill D wrote:
    I had a similar problem with my bike and it was the rims hitting the brake blocks. Hasn't gone away completely but much improved by slacking off the cable adjusters a bit to give more space between rims and blocks (don't overdo it, though). :wink:

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    I once had creaking sound coming from the front end of my 07 Trek 1200 when out of the saddle, turned out I overtightened the QR and the sound was coming from the fork, dangerous really thinking of it now.
    And yes, external BBs will fit your Trek. Make sure the BB is faced properly, Trek should have had that taken care of in the factory though (probably in a Giant alu factory). I fitted an ultegra crankset on mine and it's much lighter. In fact I have upgraded to a full ultegra gruppo with XT pedals. 18.5 pounds, size 56 with no ultralight bars, stem, saddle etc, don't really feel the need to switch to carbon. I lifted a friend's Bianchi 928 size S and it wasn't noticeably lighter probably stiffer though. Top quality alu frames!
  • Thanks akcc05, this is great news as I have a spare Ultegra SL compact chainset, cassette and chain. Do you think I would have to change the fron and rear mech/ and shifters (these are tiagra / sora respectively)?
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    I would upgrade the wheels and wire tires first, leave the commuting miles to them, personally I don't use my Trek for commuting as I don't want to ruin the beautiful frame, I have another bike for that. A nice set of wheels would really benefit your ride, quicker acceleration, lighter in climbs and able hold a higher average speed on the flats. Depending on your budget, you have various options. As to your drivetrain, put your compact ultegra on but leave the rest for now, upgrade to 10 speed as they wear, the cost of new 6700 ultegra will probably have dropped by the time you upgrade. Personally, I think one down from the top is good enough for my use and my frame i.e. ultegra level components, mavic ksyrium equipe/elite wheels or fulcrum racing 5/3. Hope this helps, I have been riding my frame 80-100 miles a week since 07 and it's like new, but I do keep it in the house and maintain it in top condition since I have all the tools and stuff. Your frame is the post 07 updated compact geometry but I'm sure it's built quality is just as good as mine.
  • Thanks for this. I have a Madone 5.2 for "dry miles" only, the btheory being I only use the 1.5 for Training rides. However, I have to admit (and this is scary), I think the 1.5 is smoother and quieter, and that was the original reason for the posting. The "chatter" has really spoiled the quiet ride, and I would love to fix it. The 5.2 has started to chink and click a bit as I'm riding along, but I suppose this is because it is due for a service. I upgraded the compact Ultegra SL on the 5.2 to a full road double (53-39), so I have the spare compact Ultegra SL (10 speed cassette, chain and crank) and wondered if I should put this on the 1.5 (I assume it would be compatible)? I have upgraded the tyres to Bontrager RaceXLite AC, and have been very happy with them, although I would like to upgrade the wheels themselves too, so your advice is greatly appreciated. Both my bikes are kept in the garage which is dry and clean, and I wipe them down after every ride. My wife thinks I have some sort of bike OCD, and she's probably right!!
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    Wow you have a Madone 5.2 huh? Did you have yours done in the custom paint scheme? You must think my 18.5 pounds 1200 is dead heavy. What gears, wheels and finishing kit are you running on it? Strange that the Madone is noisier on the road, the only chatter my 1200 makes is when I run funny chain angles, but then I don't have a Wisconsin made carbon Trek to compare it to. While I don't think I'm good enough for a carbon frame, I must admit I sometimes secretly wish that my 1200 would crack in the head tube or BB or something so Trek could give me a huge discount on a 5.2 frame as a replacement!
    Sure a 10 speed Shimano/Sram chain and cassette combo would fit on the 1.5, as long as you are not running the 9 speed shifter with them obviously! I have had Mavic Open Pro with 105 hubs on Vittoria Rubino Pros before, the wheels were classic, light and easy to true if needed. The rear braking surface lasted two winters, so did the front hub bearings, it's up to you to decide whether they were economical in terms of durability and performance, they took a lot of grit and rain though. The Rubino Pros were horrible, they lasted like 900 miles with loads of punctures, but they were light and cheap. I'm running Michelin Krylion Carbon on my Trek now and they are amazing, no punctures so far in 600 miles.
  • It was a rash moment after a good bonus payout!! It's a lovely bike and I know carbon frames amplify all noises from the drivetrain, and it is light; very light. It wasn't the Project One version (customisable paint job) as that wasn't available in 2008, it's the standard black, silver and grey. I like it as it's understated. It came with the Ultegra SL groupset (compact) which I subsequently upgraded to a full double. The fact I had the 5.2 made we want to get another training bike. However, I was so impressed with the 1.5, I have to admit I love riding it as much as the 5.2. Are all Trek bikes this good?