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Thankyou SPAM

konanigekonanige Posts: 115
edited September 2009 in XC and Enduro
Just thought I would drop a line to publicly thank the Salisbury Plain Area Mountain bike club for organizing yet another superb Lavington blast. Only did the 25k due to being a lardy git but there was so much fantastic singletrack through the woods and loads of swooping open descents that I completely forgot about any climbing we did it almost felt like you lost four times as much height as you had gained!!!

I did notice that the carpark seemed not as full as the three other blasts that I have attended, and cant undestand why, the weather was perfect and so were the trails.

I can only assume that everyone else had more important things to do like mow the lawn, wash the car etc. I know its advertised as a race but it is only a race against yourself and is briliant fun, more fun today in fact than any of my visits to Afan or Cwmcarn plus its for charity!

So folks lets see a bit more support for the SPAM rides next time, next one is on January 3rd, oh mud mud glorious mud!


  • Thanks for the post Konanige; I'll forward on to the SPAM guys who set it up and ran it etc (I didn't do any helping for this event; just turned up rode - 4 tough laps - and ate cake!)
    It really was a great day - not too sure on numbers, probably find out through the club at some point. But, there was plenty of space out on the lap. Enough people so you knew you were doing an event but not enough to jam-up the singletrack!
  • joec1joec1 Posts: 494
    Hear hear... i turned up... live locally.. only did 25km on my mongoose Tyax (relatively new to all this)

    was a great event. would love to do more if there were any... already planning on the winter challenge. - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.
  • I was going to start a thread about this myself.
    SPAM Biking events are the best I have been to.
    Everyone talks about "Doing a Merida" as if they are the definitive MTB endurance event. Last Sunday on Salisbury Plain was much better.
    Tolerable climbs, fantastic singletrack, fast chalk and grass downhill (59km/h on chalk at one point :D )
    It's almost as if the course was laid out by guys who know the area, ride it every weekend and know where all the good bits are. :wink:

    Thanks to all the marshals and everyone else involved in putting the event on and to Time Laps for having the results on the website before I even got home. 24th/43 for 4 laps. :)
    I am a mountain biking god.
    Unfortunately, my bike's an atheist.
  • yeah was a good ride thankyou to all that help set the event up see you in january cheers guys
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