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I am sorry if this has been asked before, I did do a search but couldnt find what I was looking for.

I’m thinking of buying a Garmin Edge 705, most outlets seem to sell it with a ready to go Micro SD card preloaded with maps, (City Navigator NT Europe for road use I think). I’ve read that if you buy the 705 with the DVD maps the disk includes routing software. May be it’s just me, but I haven’t found a clear explanation on the Garmin Web site.

Is there anyone out there who has the DVD version who can explain to me what this version offers over the preloaded memory card and whether you think the DVD version is worth having?
Assuming I buy the preloaded SD card I’d be interested to hear what standalone software others use to allow you to plan routes? I can’t rely on using internet based mapping programmes when camping so a PC based programme would be best.
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    Just buy a micro sd card (about £10) and download one of the maps here - better than the Garmin IMO http://sites.google.com/site/talkytoasteruk/ukmaps
    A 705 compatible with contours is good. Follow the instructions for unzipping and loading and away you go.
  • Cheers careful, bear with me on this as my experience of satnav is limited to a 4 year old Tom Tom!

    I've heard of Openstreetmaps, but do these have the same functionality as Garmin maps? I assume that Garmin maps allow auto routing, I'm not sure what the 705 would do with Openstreetmap maps?
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    I hope this makes sense - I'm no expert but have have found this out by trial and error. Initially I bought the Garmin sd card with maps loaded (about £60 I think). I was well p***ed off when a mate bought a 705 and simply downloaded the Openstreet maps for free. Ive only just started using it but it seems more detailed and has contours which the Garmin map doesnt. Cant hurt to try it.
    To plan rides I use bike route toaster or map my ride which allow autorouting , save them as tcx (not gpx) files. The maps on the unit work independantly of the planned route software since the planned route is really just a load of way points. The unit will give you alerts about upcoming turns and will tell you when you are off-course (even sometimes when you arent). Like all sat navs it pays to not believe everything it tells you. Unlike tom tom it wont find the shortest route back to the course. It can back track though, and the map will show you where you are. Good luck.
  • Cheers, it sounds like I'm in a similar position, looking at buying the 705 as a package to 'save money', but wondering if the maps are worth bothering with at all.

    I wouldn't call myself a technophobe but I do have a limit on the amont of effort I'm prepared to put in when tinkering with computers.

    Thanks for your comments, it seems to be a viable alternative.
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