Trek Madone 4.5 (Wsd)- Thoughts please!!

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I went to my LBS yesterday looking for a road bike around the £800 mark, planning to get one on the C2W scheme. It turned out they had a second-hand Trek Madone 4.5 (womens) in, which seems to be the perfect size for me and they are selling it at £800! It's only been ridden a few times and the LBS will obviously service it etc before I buy it. The cheapest I can find this model to buy on the internet is around the £1300 mark brand new.

Now as I am a newbie to road cycling, I realise the bike may be a bit better than I am a rider at the mo, but are there any disadvantages to getting this? (apart from the fact that I'm paying out of my pocket rather than through the C2W scheme - although that does leave my C2W voucher free for a nice new shiny MTB!! :wink: )

Anyone have any thoughts? So far it seems to be a pretty good bike to pass up for that amount of money...


  • It's a better spec than any other bike you will get for that price. Another pro is that it's hard to come by WSD bikes at good prices, they tend to retain their value better than normal 'guys' bikes (I helped my flat mate find her specialized D4W bike and that was our experience anyway)

    Bike being better than you ... no problem! Try telling yourself that in 2 months time when you are wanting to upgrade every component!

    1.If your LBS think it fits you well (important!) 2. Your prepared to spend your own money and save the C2W voucher for now.

    Then no. 3 is go buy it Monday morning ;)
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