Am i aking too much?

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Hey, posted an ad up for my bike to see what type of response id get and to see if anyone was interested.

Had an interesing reply and I'm now left wondering if I totally overvalue my bike? I thought it was a reasonable price but id like your opinions.

Comments / opinions will be much appreciated.

link to the ad


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    We don't really discuss bike values as per the rules, but I will oblige you as some may be able to take some useful info when valueing.

    I don't think there was ever £1400 there, even at RRP! Can you provide evidence?

    General rule of valuation is 50% of the RRP after a year, minus 10% for every subsequent year, but taking into account current offers.

    I think you have £500 of bike at the most there.
  • Juicy 7's rrp at time was circa £300 - frame £125 - slx double and bash chainset rrp circa £100 - slx mechs rrp £100 - head set £30 - sram pg-970 cassette and chain rrp circa £60 - race face evolve stem, seatpost and bars rrp circa £120 - deore shifters circa £40 - rear wheel xt hub 717 rim brand new cost £95 - front wheel xc223 about £40 - grips £20 - pedals £25 -saddle £45 - plus the fork which brand new was £300.

    So all added up to brand new price is approx 1400.

    RRP has come from merlin and chain reaction cycles, they do however have some of the items on sale at the minute but I got all bar the chainset and mechs at full price.

    So given your advice that 50% value after a year then 700 is spot on as the bike is still under a year.
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    Some of the kit is discontinued though ie the forks.

    Given the current stuff out there and prices, you will be lucky to get £500.
  • what would you expect to get for around 700 then out of curiosity?
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    A slightly different style of bike, but for a little bit more than 700 can get this:

    Also check Pauls Cycles, have some amazing deals!

    And I think I could build a new onone inbred up from scratch with full SLX gearing and brakes, Deore hubs, 317 rims, Revelation fork and decent finishing kit for less than a grand.
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    Is just the way the market is at the minute - if someone takes a real shine to it you may get £600

    I hope you prove me wrong lol.
  • wel the reason im thinking of selling is because i fancy getting a genesis ioid.
    do you think thats a step up or down?
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    The Genesis (depends on model, but most are decent value) are a good bike - but you also have a good bike, and custom built to what you wanted. If you like it, I'd keep it!

    I have the same prob with some of my kit - say if I wanted to sell my Zaskar LE. Has some new and old parts, and some one time very expensive parts. It rides great, weighs nowt but I'd doubt I'd get £400 for it lol.

    What it is worth to you, and other people are two different things.

    I'd keep what you have, it IS good kit.
  • you reckon keeping this and maybe just trying to upgrade a fe parts would be better value than selling and buying new?
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    Possibly, yes. Have to weigh up the options.
  • cheers for the help
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    Just a thought but you might get more money if you split the bike and advertised the parts seperately

    I could be talking round objects though never having done it myself
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  • the genesis frames don't ride as nicely in my opinion, and curiously the opinion of the guy who's genesis i'm comparing to!
  • to help work out the value of your parts - I bought the RF evolve bar/stem/post combo from Merlin recently for £70 all in so valuing them at 120 is a bit out of touch. I suspect all the other parts may similarly be cheaper than rrp in most places.
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    Just to make a suggestion- you won't get that price, but you might find that advertising it on Gumtree locally (at a lower price, but not neccesarily as low as you'd advertise it here) might get more interest- we're quite demanding on price here, we mostly know where to go for cheap prices etc and how to build the bikes we want, but complete bikes seem to get better prices if you step away from enthusiast sites where we're all, to be blunt, embittered and cut-throat :lol:
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  • paul - i do realise that some bits are on sale etc - i was just listing them at rrp prices at the time when i purchased -

    northwind- thants for the tip - i'll give it a go and see what happens
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    It's a nice frame and some good finishing kit. Why not keep the frame and start upgrading?
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