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I have a marzocchi bomber xc600, although i would like to get a new fork. The problem is, i can't sell me fork as it has a problem, where it is very "sticky," I have tried reducing the pressure, but it has not helped. The question is, Should i get it serviced for £100 or should i just buy a new fork and not sell it at all. Also is it okay to sell a fork saying "needs servicing" and would my LBS buy it back from me. I have thought about servicing ti myself, although i am not very competent, to be honest.



  • hmmmm...If it was me, I would probably service it, after that the stiction would probably be reduced/gone.
    How long have you had it for? 'cos sometimes it takes time for the forks to 'break-in' and lose their initial stiction.
    unfortunately from what I've heard Marzocchi forks have a tendancy to be sticky, (please correct me if I'm wrong about this).

    As for selling it, I'm not really sure, you could probably pass it off as "okay" or "in good/very good" condition depending, once again on how used it is, and how old it is. Don't know if you're LBS would buy it back from you though. :?

    I hear what you sayin' about servicing it yourself- if you can find good, detailed instrucions somewhere, and you are confidant about it, you could do it, but then again it's probably easier to get someone really skilled, who knows what they're doing to do it. :)

    Do you live in the UK? 'cos I hear that TF Tuned are really good for suspension servicing and such-like...

    hope that helped :)
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  • Yeah it did help. I've had the fork just over a year, and the've always been pretty sticky, but definatly more so recently. I suppose I could sell it as good cont, but i would feel guilty about the person who got it and it wasn't what he expected it to be.
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    Bung it on Ebay as "spares or repair". Just be honest about the condition of them, somebody's bound to buy them.

    Your LBS is in the business of selling stuff, not buying it back so I wouldn't even bother asking.
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  • Should actually be quite easy to service,yourself.Did my Rebas recently,You won`t get much back for them as they are so whats to lose?
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