Calling all Gary Fisher G2 riders!

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Hi folks, im about to buy a new bike and i have 99% settled on a HKEK as its in my budget and i like the sound of the benifits of the G2 geometry. (Which i have not ridden yet as i have found the process of buying a bike very hard as nobody stocks bikes in my size 21")

I would like to ask any G2 riders how stretched the riding position is in comparrison to other manufacturers as I am currently having a bit of trouble with my back and dont want to buy a bike that might do me more harm in future.

Saw on Osteopath today and the back problem wont be anything long term but I was just curious, my bike (22" Mongoose Tyax Elite) never gives me any pain but i rode a friends 20" Giant XTC2 which had me in pain within 10mins!

Any help appreciated


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    A 21" Fisher will be quite stretched. I'm 6'1 and I ride a 19" Fisher HT.
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    You really need to test one given your requirements.
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    mrs.blitz has a 17.5" HKEK. It's a bit too small for me (6'2") but I imagine the 19" would be fine.

    The G2 geometry is weird at first but you do get used to it. Strangest thing is the flat, swept-back handlebar which lasted about two rides before being replaced with a riser.
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    Thanks for the replys, Im just waiting for a few shops to get some new 2010 bikes in then try some out, buying a bike is a pain!!
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    same here - fancytrying out an x-caliber 29er - but nowhere nearby has them yet - chevin cycles has loads of 2010 stuff, but it's a right old trek for me
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    I'm 5'11" and went for a 19" Hifi, the 17.5 felt tiny though I changed the stem for a shorter one. G2 takes a bit of getting used to as the front feels a bit washy at times but a decent set of tyres and the handling is transformed.

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    Im going to the Marin Trail soon and I think the guy is flogging of his hire fleet, I will be hiring a Marin Hawk hill 2009, I will see how i get on with it and see how much he wants for it if i like it, A read a few reviews and they seem Ok but have bad forks which could be rectified if its a good price for the bike.

    If i dont get on with it I will just have to wait for the new seasons bikes to "hit the stores" and then spend my time going to shops to get told to look at the website (Thank you Evans of Mk!) Or get told "Sorry we dont sock your size bike but we can order you one"!!
  • The X-cal is an awesome bike in an awesome colour for 2010, we weighed our 19" and it came in at 27lb which is respectable. I had the Paragon last year but thinking of going for the X-cal this year. Either that or one of these:
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    HiFi Pro Carbon '09

    LTS DH '96

    The Mighty Dyna-Sore - The 90's?