Hey all - back into cycling after a two year break!

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Hey all, my name's Ben and i'm 18. :)

I used to be an avid cyclist, doing one or two rides a day sometimes a couple of years ago using my really crap Apollo Rampage. However, I never really took it very seriously and never really explored proper mountain biking because of my bike. Now i've just bought myself after some saving a Gary Fisher Marlin Disc 2010. It's obviously a big step for me, not only because it's a proper XC Hardtail, but because i've been out for so long and obviously i'm a bit rusty!

I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of information regarding shoes. I've been on Wiggle looking at the shoes, and they all seem to be SPD's. Now because i'm such a n00b and a relative novice to mountain biking, I didn't realize that you have to have special pedals to use them. So my question is, can you get any cycling shoes that do not have this special SPD technology or will I have to settle for trainers?

Cheers in advance, and I look forward to contributing to the forums! :D