lights for my bike

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im looking to get lights for my bike, but not wanting to spend ridiculous amounts of money on them, any suggetsions about good lights for a good price?


  • There's a massive and very comprehensive thread on this in buying advice. Get your reading hat on.... :wink:
  • Blackburn Quadrant Headlight and Mars 3.0. I think they're around 30 quid, really good commuter lights (its a set of front and rear).
  • cheers llamafarmer. theres just too much info and reading about things these days it just confuses u! i will have a look. sorry flamedude should have specified wot they were for. cheers anyway.
  • joec1
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    mars 3 is awsome..... i coupled it with a p7 LED torch and mount from deal extremes. for £50 total (both)

    torch with rechargeables was £32 - MTBing in Wilts and the southwest, join up for info and ride details.