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Lubricating a track pump - quick!

daddylonglegsdaddylonglegs Posts: 96
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Can anyone suggest a hard-wearing lubricant for the inside of a Blackburn track pump that won't dissolve the seals and plastic parts? The thing's developed a squeak and has gone very stiff - practically unusable. Mind you, it is it about eight years old and has been brilliant right up until last week.

You'll have to be quick as I've got the thing apart and cleaned and I'm going to need it soon...


  • I used to use ecover washing up liquid in rafting pumps, can't guarantee it though.
  • Hmmm, thanks 37monkey, but I'm not sure it'll last very long. Anyone else?
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Same grease that I use for the rest of the bike. Many pumps have a one-way valve at the bottom of the barrel - check it isn't stuck / corroded.
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  • I use Finish Line's teflon white grease. Do you reckon this will be okay with the o-ring seals and plastic parts?

    Thanks for the tip about the valve. I'll check it out.
  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
    Blackburn have lifetime warranty on their pumps, I tested it a few years ago when my track pump developed a fault. I took it to an LBS on the other side of the country where I bought it from (I'd moved house) with no receipt and Blackburn simply allowed me to walk out of the shop with a new one after a few telephone calls with the shop and Blackburn.
  • Impressive! This one's five years old. I'll get the thing back together (when I'm sure I'm not going to destroy it with the wrong grease!) and maybe give it a try.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    My Diamond back trackpump was useless after 5 years non-use but a quick fingerfull of grease and it was back to normal along with a coating of sealant.
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  • Great, but what grease? A lot of lubricants will dissolve the seals very quickly. Can anyone suggest a grease that won't?
  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
  • I don't think so. It's mineral oil-based and I think that's what rots the rubber.

    Before anyone says it - NOT KY Jelly...
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Finishline is OK for O-rings and plastic parts. Avoid some of the automotive greases which contain strong hydrocarbon compounds which can degrade rubber and elastomers. Most plastic parts on bikes are OK
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • i'd use silicone hi-vac grease.
  • Thanks guys. I thought the Finishline would be fine for seals and stuff, but I needed to check. That's what I'm going with.
  • Hi, you can buy rubber specific grease which won't degrade the rubber seals. I bought a large tub for assembling motorcycle brake calipers, but at the rate i use it i'll still have it in 10 years time. You could try a motor factors or motorcycle shop and ask for a sachet of brake grease (not copper grease)which is rubber compatible. Also, motorcycle chain lube is very good and normally compatible with 'O' ring chains so if you know anyone with a motorcycle you could ask for some.
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    The one time I applied a lubricant to a pump, the oil eventually found its way onto the valve head. After that, it wouldn't grip a valve at all.

    Just sayin'.
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  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Teflon chain lube works fine. The seals are probably Neoprene not rubber but best to avoid oil based products anyway.
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