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My new(ish) wolf ridge

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Just grabbed a quick snap before heading out for a ride. Spec is pretty sweet, more details later if anyone wants.


  • Always thought the Marins look a bit too industrial... Had a poke around a few a while back, but i've never had a ride on one.

    Hows the forks holding out compared to the 55s (when they worked)?

    I do kinda like the rear swingarm, bet you don't get much flex? lol!

    OH and any idea on weight?!
  • love that, hate that they've removed the headtube gusset for 2010, it looks ace!
  • Very Nice, shame it's not orange ;)

    Only joking, looks sweet in black
    What travel forks are those foxs upfront? look longer than 140?

    hate that they've removed the headtube gusset for 2010, it looks ace!

    Santa Cruz Chameleon
    Orange Alpine 160
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I'm still loving this bike more, every time I ride it. The Fox 36s (160mm travel) are super-plush. I've said before that I loved the feel of the 55s when they work, but the Fox are so much more controlled. Very nice.
    There's absolutely no discernible flex in the swingarm, kind of expected really, when I'm sure they've just nicked a piece of the Forth bridge, and called it a "swingarm" :lol:
    The Maxle read end must help stiffen it as well I guess.

    Power delivery is crazy, the rear wheel feels completely connected, like a hardtail - every slight movements of the cranks drives it forward, there's no mushyness at all. Curiously though, there seems to be ver very little pedal feedback either, which baffles me.
    Climbing? Now several people may not believe me, but this thing really does climb like a mountain goat on techy terrain. Sure it's a heavy old lump, and requires more effort than a svelte XC machine, but it generates traction from nowhere.
    I've just come back from a quick blast at Coedy, and it cleaned the "Brutus" climb as if it wasn't even there. I kept thinking "ah, there's that tricky bit coming in a minute", but before I knew it, I was at the top. Impressive stuff.
    As for descending, over rocky, rooty, twisty stuff? Do I even need to explain how good it is? :D (especially since it has the Attack Trail's geometry with a 160mm fork)

    Fricking love it!
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