disk brakes

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hi ive just bought a cube aim 2009

looking to get disk brakes (front and rear), no idea where to start
looking to spend around 80 pounds

any advise


  • jairaj
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    is that a budget of £80 per brake or for a set (front and rear)?

    If its for a set you prob won't be able to ge much brand new at that price point. And anything you do find may not be much better than V-brakes anyways?

    What kind of riding do you? Do you really need to upgrade? There are a lot of people who still use v-brakes out of choice.
  • hmmm, might be a hard to do with £80.
    firstly check you've got the mounting bosses (frame and fork)
    then look to see if your hubs will take discs, if they do there'll be six open holes like this.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7289267@N06/2744718535/

    hope that helps