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so, after coming back ont he train to ride home for the 3rd time on my shiny new bike i find that it is no longer in the station bike parking section.

It was chained up to a metal thing on what was sold to me as almost impossible to cut through, but somehow i am now left with a cut in half chain that was left on the floor and a long 4 mile walk home

this is what i get for trying to loose my summer beer belly


  • doog442
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    cycling 4 miles wont get rid of the belly....40 miles may help however

    try running it :wink: (I guess you can start tomorrow)

    as for the bike...sorry to hear of your loss
  • was going to work my way up going to the next station along and keep going until i could do the 20 miles to work easily, but alas i cant do that now on a nice new bike.

    ill have to get a crappy £30 one from the paper
  • AndyManc
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    Strasner wrote:
    ill have to get a crappy £30 one from the paper

    It's the best way, never leave anything shiny at a railway station unless they've got those 'lock-up' box things and CCTV.... and even then ............ :roll:

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    What bike was it and what lock/chain did you use? Which station so others can be on the look out?
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  • it was a carrera subway 2 (bought in the sale) locked up with a mid-range ABUS lock which cost about £35

    there is a CCTV camera there but the ofice was shut when i got back from work so ill have to wait until tomorrow to talk to them about watching the tapes...

    also checking ebay/gumtree to see if it appears on there. if it does ill send the boys round