NOS Mavic Pro or Monthlery Route?

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Can anybody tell me which of the above sprint rims are the better ones, if any? I have a choice of either to build some retro sprint wheels.

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    The 1985 catalogue has Montlhery Pro and Montlhery Route.

    I would go for the Montlhery Pro. Both are polished shallow section box section silver rims with the same shape, the only difference is that the Monthlery Pro is slightly lighter and narrower at 20mm and 395g*, whereas the Montlhery Route is 21.5mm and 420g.

    Both are heavy, for a sprint rim. The Montlhery Pro is just the polished non-anodised version of the original GP4.

    *quoted weights, actual rims are usually a bit heavier.

    Later rims might have changed names and spec.
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    Thank you very much for your reply, I searched the net but could not find the answer.
    I don't mind the weight as they are going on a rebuild of my Raleigh Rapide and will match the era.
    I haven't ridden sprints for around 40 years, and as my brother bought me some tubs for christmas, it spurred me on to build up that old record rear hub and I now close on getting a matching front hub to build up, with I guess the Pro rims.
    I am sadly going to have to use the chainset and stem/bars off my Flying Scot, so it's not going to look like the pictures in nthe link for much longer. Oh well, I'm just getting too old to ride single fixed anyway!!! :cry:

    cheers, Streak :D
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