LBS recommendation for somewhere near Epsom

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Can anyone recommend a reasonable bike shop somewhere near Epsom to do servicing and repairs? I think my bike needs a good go over and I want to try somewhere new.


  • Pound Lane cycles (in Pound Lane) is a one-man outfit. Not tried it.

    Pearsons in Sutton - nice guys (it's run by 5th generation Pearsons). Seem to know their stuff. They might be being nice to me cos I've spent well over £2K in there in the last few months.

    Corridori near the Driftbridge Banstead/Nork. I put my old bike in for a service there and they missed a couple of things, but they weren't obvious things
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    +1 for Pearsons in Sutton.

    It's been a while since I've used them (my home town), but I had no complaints when they repaired/serviced my old MTB.
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  • I have decided to "ecolocal" a go ( The advantage being that they will pick my bike up from work. I will let you know how it went.
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    +2 for Pearsons.

    If I lived (rather than worked) near Sutton, they'd be my LBS.
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