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how long?

Matt the TesterMatt the Tester Posts: 1,261
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how long have you been cycling for?
when did you find cycling most enjoyable?
what age is a good age to start off cycling in this disapline :)

few answers im interested in knowing especially the last question :)

thanks RT Tester
north west of england.


  • 1 year
    I enjoy it the most when I have a companion or on a really sunny day.
    Any age for leisure but I think for Pro you need to have been conditioned at an earlyish age

    Piersy Boy
  • March this year, although I have always had a bike, just having a bike to pop to the shops and going for a ride are worlds apart (IMO)

    Most enjoyable. Was when I rode my current ride; previous hacks do not compare to a purpose built steed.

    Any age I guess, although there was an article on the thinning of the bones due to lack of impact training. On the upper age I am 41, which some would consider a youngster
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