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Decided to build me a retro (mid 80's) road bike for winter/commuting use, as well as refreshing my fettling knowledge.
quite fancy a 753 frame with campag components as i never had the opportunity of owning one in my youth.
Obviously going to keep an eye on CW for local Bike jumbles, but does anyone know of any websites that specialise in the selling of retro bits?
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    Ebay's generally your best bet.
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  • I normally buy old components including NOS on E-bay. there are many specialised sellers and they're pretty reliable and accurate in their description. Avoid buying stuff from America or Asia, but Europe is generally fine.

    You can also have a look at they stock some vintage stuff
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    How deep are your pockets? Some models of Campagnolo are pretty scarse and pricey - although the original Super Record can still be found in good condition for reasonable money. I'm not sure I'd choose 753 for winter duties - it's too thin and prone to corrosion- Columbus SL or SLX would be my choice, particularly something tasty and Italian.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..