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wobble from wheels

mith150176mith150176 Posts: 41
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I have recently been getting a wobble/bumpiness from my wheel.The bearings and bottom bracket are tight enough and there is enough air in the tyre,any idea what the problem is?


  • Is your tyre seated proberly?
  • Is your tyre seated proberly?

    yes i would check this. I had the same problem, checked and checked everything and my tyre was had popped out abit.
  • axle straight?
    cones tight?
  • Thanks for the tips,will get it checked,got to get myself some tools instead of relying on Halfords with their "maintenance plan" scam! :x :x
  • beskibeski Posts: 542
    When you spin the wheel is there visible wobble, if so check spoke tensions, tighten any loose ones
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  • I have recently had a big crash beacause of a wobble in my front tyre. I've had this problem several times, and have not managed to find anything wrong with my bike, wheels or tyre. The wobbling happens when the speed is over 50 km/h and if i get sudden side winds from passing cars....and it is absolutely no fun!

    In my crash, my front fork snapped, so now I have given up that bike. I won't be using that for other tings than riding to work below 50 km/h...............

    ( My bike: a Avanti Team Corsa.)
  • The weight is not distributed evenly around the wheel and acts like a lop-sided gyroscope at high speeds. I run Stans in my tyres and it causes the same effect until the solution gets spread out.

    You could try a set of better quality tyres, try 'balancing' the weight out somehow or get used to it.
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