Advice on Turbo Trainer Purchase

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I am looking at getting a Turbo Trainer for the winter and was wondering if any one had any advice.

I have been looking at the Tacx T1850 Satori Trainer.

Also are there any risks of damaged to my summer road bike.




  • I have a Satori and think it's great - quiet, solid, good resistance and adjustability. No problem using my carbon roadie on it all last winter.
  • Turbo's are on test in this months cycling plus.

    Don't use your "best bike" on a turbo, they get covered in sweat and it's not great for it.
    Tail end Charlie

    The above post may contain traces of sarcasm or/and bullsh*t.
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    Stick on some slicks for Mtb/old tyre for road. Towel on the handlebars for sweat, drink in your drinks holder, and cup of tea on small table! Ensure turbo is secured/level. Pedal!
    I use it in front of TV or stick "Bring on the Wall!" Dale on the radio. Just set up a "gym" in my spare room to stop annoying the Mrs with the noise/sweat/grunting...

    My old one had bar attachment to alter tension/resistance, my latest one doesn't.
    Older one was quieter, with harder levels. Newer one much cheaper, noisier, no resistance changer, but they both do great job if it's pissing down.

    Try to use old rear wheel, save best wheels for road/off-road.
    Quality not quantity works best, ie, Short intervals up to 6 mins with recoveries, or even sprints for around 10 - 40 secs with 1 - 2 min recoveries etc.
    Anything over 1.5 - 2 hrs total time numbs your "Man Bits".
  • Christ, I struggle to last 45mins on the turbo. I put on family guy, american dad, anything to take my mind off it, but it's still really boring!

    That said, it's really good for recovery after injuries, getting a short burst in when the weather's crap, or for interval workouts.

    Definitely stick on an old/cheap rear tyre when you're doing a workout.

    I have a Tacx Flow and it does exactly what I needed it to without being deafening when working out.
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    Try things like the sufferfest or spinervals to alleviate some of the boredom...
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    Also worth putting on an old front wheel - bearings don't like being under pressure going from side to side when the wheel is stock still