Focus outlets - try before buy?!?

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I'm really keen on a Focus Cayo Expert from Wiggle but don't want to fork out the best part fo £2k without trying one out. I can't find any outlet (other than Wiggle) that stock Focus.

Can anyone enlighten me?


  • They'll let you do a 7-day test ride at home - you can send it back if you don't like it. But you have to buy it first and they refund you if you send it back. I believe Focus are web-only Wiggle exclusive.
  • sorted - thank you
  • galatzo
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    I got a Cayo Expert Campa with the intention of just trying it acouple of weeks ago.
    It's staying !
    £1699 full carbon frame and forks, chorus 11 speed and fulcrum racing 5 wheels with Conti GP tyres - try getting that lot for less than £2750
    I rate this bike and not just because it's my new toy and I had a heavy bike before. I had/have a Isaac Impulse with chorus 10, De Rosa Merak and TCR carbon and this is easily as good but a lot less money.
    Focus wisely put cheap finishing kit on (bar, stem post, saddles not bad but I prefer my SLR) as these are easiest to change. I have already put my old saddle and carbon post on and my favourite Deda Newton bars.
    The wheels are good enough although I'm probably selling mine to help with the cost and will have my Easton Ascent II on which are another 300+ grams lighter.
    May sound like a lot of changes but they are all minor and have made the bike exactly what I want and under 16lbs.
    Chorus 11 is very light compared to the 2006 chorus 10 I was using but is very accurate, bike was perfectly set up from Wiggle.
    I've also gone for a standard chainset after having a compact for 4 years and I'm coping fine, the 12-27 means I only lose 2 gears and it doesn't look like an uncool dinnerplate - How many people are using standard chainsets these days ?
    And it also looks brilliant particularly now I've got it just how I want.
    I'd say get one - as long as your not in my neck of the woods !
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