Nother noob with a question: GT Agressor XC3, any good?

Toilet Duck
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Looking at riding to work, again after more than a few years out of the saddle.

I've no interest in going down hills, or up mountains, but I'd like a bike that can cope with a daily commute of a couple miles each way, and maybe a lap round the local country park on a weekend; is fairly light, and easy to manoeuvre.

Looking through Halfords I spotted the GT Aggressor XC3:

Its fairly light (compared to steel framed bikes), and seems like good value as its sturdy, and has already got hydraulic disc brakes. And more importantly the forks lock out for the commute. Obviously it'll get the tyres swapped for something a bit quicker, and less knobbly if it were to get it.

Does anyone have any opinions on this bike, is it worth the money? Are the GT frames sturdy / well made?
New round here so excuse me if i ask dumb questions...


  • supersonic
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    It is a good sturdy entry level mountain bike. A bit weighty maybe, but good value.

    Try one out for size.
  • Skonk
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    If second hand was an option for you, I have a "like new" GT Aggressor XC1 (18" 09 model) which I've had for about 4 months and hardly used. It also has some more road suitable tyres fitted already.

    You could have it for the same price as you'd pay for that XC3.

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  • Ive got a GT aggressor xtc 1 09 model , which I find to be brilliant after having a entry leverl specialised hard rock . If you can buy the one above for the same price you would be mad not to...
  • be a few weeks till i get one, having to save up.
    New round here so excuse me if i ask dumb questions...
  • I've had one since March, in my opinion it's a brilliant bike, it's done everything i have asked of it from trail centres to bridleways to simple road riding. The frame is rock solid so far as i can tell. Spec wise everything is acceptable to me, the gears are nice, brakes are superb and even the forks do a great job for the money. I'd say you can't go wrong with one so long as halfords set it up ok for you. Nothing has gone wrong with mine after 600 miles of use this year.