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lfc_westylfc_westy Posts: 87
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Right, ive been riding for a while now and i have established my favorite colour is white. My bike is white, bar tape and saddle and frame also my future kit will be white so im thinking, to top it all off which helmet do you think looks and performs the best out of the 3 i have narrowed down, all other suggestions are welcome but i have basically picked these for my favorites

1. Catlike Whisper Plus, worn by my favorite team [cervelo] with a somewhat classy and elegant look. different from your normal helmet

2. Serev XP a Striking and has a cool look to it

3. CASCO Ares the European companies flagship model featured in cyclocross [ try imagine it whit out the visor ]

any thoughts and suggestions appreciated [as long as they're white :-P]
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  • m8 you need to try them on :oops: not all heads are the same as you know,

    IMO the Catlike is the prefered option.
  • bobpzerobobpzero Posts: 1,431
    yep seriously true, try before you buy. dont do what i did, bought a giro atmos on ebay, knew my exact size required and thankfully it fitted.

    if you dont mind the overly expensive option
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    Buy the one that fits. Anything else will be uncomfortable, give poor protection or both.
  • Between your three, The catlike looks the coolest but how about this.

    I have 2 of them ad swear by them. I've tested one and I'm still here.
    Oh yes, they come in Whiite :wink:

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  • I have looked at the MET, and it is a very nice lid. I have always wondered whilst doing 30+ downhill what protection this little weightless shell on my head would actually give; :shock:
  • xraymtbxraymtb Posts: 121
    The catlike is the best looker of the bunch but as others say - don't buy it without trying it on first. I bought my last helmet online and it fits but I always know its there.
  • FOADFOAD Posts: 318
    +1 for the Catlike, but when I went to buy one from my nearest stockist, who even had the white/carbon one I wanted, it didn't bloody fit! I have a 61cm bonce, it was a large going up to 61cm, but it just wouldn't fit no matter how hard I squeezed... :lol:

    Bloody gorgeous it was... :cry:
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Personally - I think the Catlike is the fugliest thing ever. But - very personal preference - as witnessed by this thread!

    Giro do a white/silver Ionos. Excellent helmet - light and well ventilated.

    Even if you order something online - if it shows up and doesn't fit you can usually return/exchange it for something else.

    Go to a shop if you can to try some one and find one that comfy.
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