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Continental Ultrasport Home Trainer Tyre Fitting Problems

BaybashBaybash Posts: 136
edited September 2009 in Workshop
I cannot fit my Continental Ultrasport Home Trainer Tyre (yellow) for love nor money. I'm a good cm away from getting them to fit. Any suggestions?


  • You're not alone. I had a fair bit of trouble getting mine onto a Shimano R500 wheel the other day. Tyre levers and swearing were required in equal quantities to get the last 30 cm onto the rim. Contrary to the instructions I also start from the valve and work round from there so if I do puncture the tube on the last herculean effort with the levers, I've not punctured it in an unrepairable position next to the valve. I also inflated/defleated the tube to 120 psi a few times before I got the last 30 cm of the last side onto the rim in the hope that this would stretch the tyre slightly. Not sure if it gave any benefit but the levers did the job in the end.

    I've also heard of people heating the tyre before fitting (low oven or hairdryer) to make it expand slightly.
  • absolutely agree - almost threw mine out of the window. I ended up using multiple tyre levels - the very stiff Park Tool ones and I did start at the valve. My GF gave me a hand, whilst trying not to laugh

    After ALOT of sweat and swearing, they eventually snapped on - just heaps of effort and patience :wink:
  • skinsonskinson Posts: 362
    hope you don't get a puncture first time out :shock:
  • amck111amck111 Posts: 189
    I have found that on my campy wheels it was rather tight and had to dig out the trusty metal tyre levers to get it on.

    That said, on my Reynolds wheels I could nearly slip it on with my fingers. I guess the wheel manufacture plays a part too.
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