Topeak Mini G MasterBlaster

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I wonder if someone can help me please.

I've just bought my first mountain bike and I'm in the process of buying the bits and pieces that I'll need.

I've just bought the above pump because it had some good reviews and wasn't overly expensive.

However I am having great difficulty in getting it to securely fit the presta valve on my tyres. I have had heard that there is a way to reverse the valve on the pump but I can't find any instructions anywhere on how to do this.

Could anyone help please?




  • Look at the nozzle end with the cap that pops off. It's screw-able. Screw it off and inside you'll see the rubber nozzle that grips the valve - take it out - reverse it - screw the plastic nozzle cover back on.

    Valve now reversed.
  • I knew it was going to be something simple. Obviously not simple enough for me though :D

    Many thanks for your help.