Giant Seek?

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Hi, On the verge of buying a Giant Seek, it replaces the Giant Escape. Anyone get one? Thinking of the Seek 3, disc brakes rear mech. Seems good value.
To be used for commuitng and the odd longer spin (20 Miles +)
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    I still really don't see the need for hydro brakes on bikes like this. I think the Giant FCR is a better bet. Lighter equipment throughout.
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    I had the Giant Escape M2, cable disc brakes, gears good bike decent commuter. Used it for leisure riding for a year and commuting for 3months 6-7mies. Gave it to my 15yr old brother, got a road bike, haven't looked back.

    Good bike, but unless I was planning on riding through light trails to get to work I won't be buying another one.

    Don't really see the point of slick tyre, rigid forked moutain bike frames (Hybrid) apart from being entry bikes that other more specialist bikes surpass in praticality. If I'm riding on the road flat bar or drop bar road bike. If I've got light trails then CX bike or front suspension mtb.
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