The photo challenge....

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Ok, this is unashamedly stolen from the MTB section (Sorry, I went in there by accident. I was looking for the way out and accidentally clicked on one of their threads.). Think we may be able to get this to work on here...

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Basicaly it's a game that involves photographing your bike next to an object stated by the previous winner.

One person requests a picture of something; landmark, road, building, object, anything. The first person to post up a picture of that subject wins.

But it can't just be any old picture - it must have YOUR bike in the picture, somewhere. So for example, if I was to say "lighthouse", the winner would be the first person to post a picture of a lighthouse with their bike somewhere in the picture, e.g. standing in front of the lighthouse.

That winning person then suggests another subject for the photo, and it continues, ad infinitum.

> No photoshops! Genuine pictures only!
> The current "winner" can't submit a picture to a subject they have imposed.
> If two pictures are posted at the same time, OR a dispute arises, the person who suggested the subject decides who wins.
> Try and keep it on-topic... no deviating from the challenge etc.
> If the poster of the winning picture does not suggest a new subject within 3 days of winning, the previous winner must select a new subject.
> Fresh photos only!! No digging through your archives, get off your butts and get outside snapping

1st photo = your bike by a Football Ground!