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is the 2010 spesh tarmac elite,same frame as comp?

racefaceec90racefaceec90 Posts: 120
edited September 2009 in Road beginners
sorry to sound like an idiot,but was thinking of a comp.have just seen the elite and it looks to have an identical frame.if so it might persuade me to change from getting the anthem x 4 that i had planned i am currently unemployed the £1900 price for the comp had put me off.but have always wanted a road bike.thanks for putting up with my questions (it's so annoying keeping on changing my mind as to what bike to go for!!!) :)


  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    No, the frames are different - 8r compared to 10r carbon whatever that means.

    Also a bit of a difference in spec - both 105 but with different brakes and wheels and stuff.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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