Still alive - thanks to helmet, mate and strangers...

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I can now speak from experience: helmets are A Good Thing.

Had a bit of a tumble at Swinley yesterday, ended up knocking myself out and fitting while I was down, or so I'm told ;-)

Helmet is a mess, as is my head, but somehow I suspect that without the helmet it would have been a pressure washer job to clear me up off the floor.

it's worth noting that when calling your other half to tell her the news, starting the conversation with "I have some good news and some bad news... the bad news is I need a new helmet" doesn't go down too well!

The mate I was with picked up the pieces, assisted by two chaps that were in the area, and obviously I'm grateful to all three... I *think* I owe one of the two strangers a cigarette, but it's all a blur. Just got a couple of weeks of healing now... although I haven't been out to the car to look at the state of the bike...


  • that is a bit unfortunate of you to fall but yeah i wear a helmet everywhere i go on my MTB like you say its there to protect you to a certain extent , i was also at swinley yesterday for the 1st time and thouroughly enjoyed myself in the cutting sans part of it
    hope you heal soon and get back out there to do what we all enjoy doing :wink:
  • :shock:,

    good job you were wearing a helmet, they really are essentia, l always wear mine now after all my offs

    and now you have a trophy for your wall, :wink::D
    2 Broken fingers broken again... F@$%^£g hell that hurt!!!

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  • timmys
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    My only major off so far was at Swinley. Straight over the bars at the end of the jump gulley. Still have the scars on my elbow and hip 4 months later. The kids using the gulley either didn't notice me or weren't interested in helping but to be honest I was so embarrassed I was quite glad!
  • timmys wrote:
    Straight over the bars at the end of the jump gulley.


    The bike's now back in the shed, and miraculously hasn't got a mark on it... which is nice.
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    One of the guys I ride with bust his collar bone in the gully a few weeks back. Luckly the warden was not to far away and gave him a lift back to the car park.
  • i did'nt think it was that dangerous " the gully" seems really smooth to ride , just have to build up to jumping big slowly , i had about 20 runs with no off ! and loved it not bad for a old 39 year old :lol::lol::lol:
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    The jump gulley is for the kids... you should know better at your age!

    That said, I remember smashing my head on a rock in the peaks about 10 years ago, before helmets were as common - totalled the helmet completely but walked away. people who don't wear helmets when riding are naive. You aren't indestructable!

    If you wonder how hard you crashed, try this fun challenge - buy a cheap helmet and try and break it by getting you and your friends to stand on it... see how many people you need before it breaks. You'll be surprised.
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  • Glad you are ok.

    Going to buy a new helmet this weekend after reading your story.
  • I've seen far too many people stack it at the end of the gulley. Some guy almost did a full front flip over the bars last sunday, and ended up going home in an ambulance.
    Timmys Sorry to hear no-one helped you out or took any interest when u stacked it. Usually all the people there are good as gold and help out the people that crash.
    benpinnick The gulley isn't just for kids, it's like the rest of swinley, it's for all ages and disciplines.
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    Been back into biking a couple of years and slowly getting more confident though maybe too much. Was at Nant y Arian yesterday on the Summit trail and went over the bars twice, scared the c*** out of me to be honest and judging by the scratches on my lid made me realise why we wear them.
    Yesterday definitely knocked my confidence.
    Hobbling today from swollen ankle, bashed both elbows and both shoulders, feel like I've been ten rounds with Tyson!
    But yes helmets are an essential thats for sure.
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    Timmys Sorry to hear no-one helped you out or took any interest when u stacked it. Usually all the people there are good as gold and help out the people that crash.

    I think it's more likely they didn't notice me thinking about it. No one happened to come down the run while i was sorting myself and the group of them were standing around about half way down. They seemed friendly enough so i'm sure they would have helped out if they had found me in a heap!
  • A few years ago i tried to manual over a mud pool - when i came round :shock: i was about 15 feet from the bike and had a very muzzy head, i was probably out for a few mins, had to buy a new lid as mine was stoved in on the side.
    Also once i was outside the house fettling and tried to jump the neighbours kids skate ramp. You know how these things end - fractured skull, 2 weeks of non stop migrane and no recolection of my kids for a few hours, as in "the kids are worried about you" "Oh? have i got kids!!!!!!"............. Always wear a lid You might loose your life even if you live!
  • lhoward
    I just read your mates post about it on STW :shock:

    Glad to hear you're on the mend :)
  • Haven't read it yet - I'll pop over in a tick to have a look!!

    First day back in the office today... he mentioned he'd posted on STW. Got the obligatory ribbing about thinking I was 13, one guy bidding on ebay for a set of stabilisers, and a new nickname - cornflake face - thanks to the flaky scab I'm now sporting!!

    But yes, I'm on the mend thanks... still on the pain killers, too ;-)
  • Hi Timmys,

    Sau that you have a Zesty 514. I am thinking of buying one of these in the next couple of months and woundered what you think of it ? Also any upgrades you recommend ?

    Many thanks

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  • Glad you are OK mate - I always wear a lid probably because I am a big scardey cat.

    I live close to swinley and ride there about 2 or 3 times a week but have never found any of the interesting bits! I am just a beginner and ride on my own, always to shy to speak out or ask anyone I see in there where to go!!!!
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