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Cyclescheme waiting time

fletch8928fletch8928 Posts: 794
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evening/morning. how long is long when your waiting for a new bike? I decided to impulse buy after looking around and testing a few bikes out in june. I talked myself in and out of buying and then i found myself in a shop looking at what i wanted.

It was one of those moments while waiting that i popped to the shop for a look to kill some time and the rather delightful lady there asked what i was looking for? I said a Cube AMS, she said ohh we have 1 in stock and promptly got it down for me, she wandered off and left me with it coming back with a very nice price. I had a moment of excitedness and snapped her hand off,

We did the quote for cyclescheme/work and i took it straight to work, signed the letter which was done almost instantly and was told it should be 2ish weeks, after 2weeks + a weekend i rang wages up, no sorry try tomorrow, repeat all week. 2 weeks later i got my bike. 4weeks and 1 day is a long time in my book or was it because i impulse bought? how long have you all waited?

Sorry about the long story just wanted to get a bigger picture on events.

pics to be posted on my ride in a few mins
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  • jmillenjmillen Posts: 627
    I had to wait about 4 weeks for my voucher to arrive through Halfords cycle scheme...longest 4 weeks of my life :lol:
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  • depends how long it takes for the invoice from cyclescheme to come through, then how long it takes you company to pay, and how long it takes for the voucher to arrive.
    If you're unlucky and miss all your companies pay runs or they like to hold invoices for a month it could take a while.
    Took me 6 weeks.
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  • 2-3 weeks with somerset county council - and yes - it was the longest 3 weeks of my life..... :P
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  • 5 days i waited & another 7 days for the bike i wanted to come! 21 days in total ! worth it thow ! 41% off, you cant grumble !

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  • what got me was when i rang up and they kept saying no, they didnt mention they hadnt sent the payment off. i wouldnt have minded so much but it was the fact they didnt mention it. i knew i had got it caught up in a pay run but still expected it to be a little shorter. it is all well worth it in the end tho
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