New bike - what next?

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Hi guys, been a member for a few years but just bought another new MTB with intentions of riding it :D

I started off a couple of years ago with a GT avalanche 2.0 just for the hell of it, only rode it a few times as after a couple of miles i was knackered, yes i'm unfit lol but not fat.

Anyway, a change of job has spurred me to buy another bike after letting the GT go so i settled for a TREK 6000 disc (2009), picked it up yesterday and rode to work on it this morning, love it :D

Anyway, not that i feel i need to, but what upgrades should i be looking at, i'm looking at changing stuff for carbon (handlebars, seatpost, stem etc).

Also, is there any decent iphone software that i can use for cycling / routes etc?

ta :)


  • supersonic
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    Nothing really - I'd ride it for a lot longer before you decide on any upgrades. It is a well balanced bike, and I think spedning money at this point on bars, stem and seatpost will not make much difference- not as much as putting the extra towards the next model up would have done!
  • I agree. Ride it, get used to it, maybe you will find the limits of the bike and decide on upgrades then but if the bike fulfills all of your immediate needs then don't worry about upgrades. As you get to know the bike, and biking as a whole, you may decide to change the tyres, saddle, grips, shifters etc. to something more suitable.

    It's too easy to eye up upgrades just because you feel that more expensive parts somehow equate to a better ride, don't fall into this trap (like I have/do/always do/am doing).
  • lol, thx, one thing i may consider is a spare set of wheels with slicks on for road riding though as most of my riding will be to / from work., i just liked the look of the carbon though which is why i considered it.
  • In terms of apps for the iPhone, I use Trails to record my rides. It's a paid app but very good.
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    Other than different tyres for mud (if you intend to ride offroad) then leave it as it came for now. Enjoy it as it is and if you have to spend cash use it to get all the kit such as shorts, waterproofs, camelbak, multitool etc
  • iphone software i use imapmyride which is great! gives you telemtry for the ride and stores it on an online database so you can acsess it whenever you like, and its a free app