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Flippin eck...more punctures

OH NO DanOH NO Dan Posts: 186
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Ok. Ive currently got a kenda nevegal 2.1 stick E on the front and have got a ridiculous amount of punctures. None of these have been pinches, just stuff penetrating the tyre (thorns, wood etc) The nevegal DTC on the rear is better with hardly any punctures.

Im looking into a tubeless setup but finances are tight at the minute. Anyone had any experience with tyre liners ive seen? Any recommendations? Im happy with the tyre, got lots of grip in all conditions.

Maybe I need tyre with a thicker lining because I ride quite hard?


  • It can just be luck sometimes, or rather lack of!

    I run a Stick E on the front too, and have done for the past couple of years, and not had one puncture on it.
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  • Im very unlucky for sure, plus the areas i ride in tend to be very woody and 'bushy'. Ive bought a kevlar tyre liner for the front. Then when my tyres have no thread ill convert my rims to tubeless i think + new tyres.

    I dont mind buying new tubes cause there inexpensive its just changing tubes on a ride sort of spoils the flow of things.
  • grumstagrumsta Posts: 994
    ghetto tubeless - cheap as chips. I used to puncture all the time, not had one in ages.
  • Was running tubes. Getitng at least a puncture or more every other ride. Added strips...helped a little but still had very bad luck.

    gone tubeless, with some bonty juice in them......15 rides, 250 miles in. Not one puncture.
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