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Stolen Mongoose Rockadile - Newcastle Upon Tyne (Heaton)

NerrepNerrep Posts: 112
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Last night whilst I was asleep, some utter scrotum broke into my house and stole the aforementioned bike from the hallway (less than a metre from my bedroom door). Rented accomodation, so unsure if someone has managed to get hold of a key (terrifying) or whether my housemates and I just left the door unlocked.

Bike was taken at approximately (give or take five minutes) 00:30 on the 8th of September.

It is a Mongoose Rockadile; quite an old model. It is bright blue, with black and silver highlighting. Front suspension only, disc brakes, exactly like this: ... 3885&stc=1

Frame is 'L' size, and the tyres have been changed for Schwalbe Speed Cruisers.

There is a rear mudgard, attatched with the aid of copious ammounts of yellow and green electrical tape.

The twunt who nicked it arrived on another bike (which they dumped in the street; police have it now: hoping they left a nice set of fingerprints on the brakes...).

I'm not optimistic, but please let me know if you see anything!


  • NerrepNerrep Posts: 112
    99% sure that I just saw some little censored riding it past my front door. By the time I got out there on my bike, they'd gone :(
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