New bike on the back burner

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Having got the mtb bug this year and just had my first race, people keep telling me (and I keep thinking) if you get a better bike you'll do miles better!
Thing is, work is scarce at present and I can't justify forking out £xxxx on a nice shiny new bike! So the decision has been made to grin and bare it and plough on with the trusty (heavy) old steed.
Thing is I am really enjoying my riding anyway, so it won't hurt that much to wait a while longer for that dream bike :)
Maybe a solid winter of pushing an un-willing old mount around the hills will set me up for a good summer of riding/racing/ next year?



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    Hit the nail on the head; Sure a new bike will make you faster, but there is only so much faster a bike can make someone, it's mostly down to the rider.
    For example - Steve Peat on a Argos Full Sus! Vs. Your Average Newbie Biker (Me and You, ha!) on a Sant Cruz V10...

    I say Keep your bike until something breaks, and fix it, Your riding skills will improve, and also your knowledge of exactly how each piece works and makes a difference to your ride.

    I see many people who go blatting in and throw £2000.00 at a new bike, and you can tell they have done so, It's more about personal gain - are YOU improving as a rider :)

    But this is just my opinion, find out what others think :D
  • Sounds like you're doing just fine to me mate - entering races and all! keep up the training on your current bike through the winter and you'll improve on this years race anyway!

    Then when you finally get your new bike, you'll be storming it!

    Best things come to those who wait and all that :wink: