Carrera Subway Zero Singlespeed - Fixed?

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Does anyone know if the Carrera Subway Zero SS is a fixed/free flip-flop hub?

Also, what gear ratio(s) does it come with?

I'm tempted to replace my current SS conversion with it for some Winter fixie training, but want to be sure it's suitable.



  • Jaeger
    Jaeger Posts: 439
    Me again, just wondering if anyone can confirm this is a fixie?

    In the Halfords Q&A section someone has asked what a flip-flop hub is, and although someone has defined it for them, the Halfords team has superseeded the answer by saying it has a "single speed hub". I presume this means it is NOT fixed...???

    Help from a Subway Zero owner, perhaps?
  • Garz
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    Gearing is 42/16 apparently. Also I don't think you can flip round the wheel, so no.
  • amaferanga
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    The Halfords description says flip-flop, but I guess the only way to be sure would be if you could see one in the flesh. Even if it's not a flip-flop hub it may still be possible to run it as fixed if it uses a screw-on freewheel.
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  • I was in Halfords today looking at this bike. It is definitely a flip-flop hub, with SS on one side and fixed on the other. Both 16t cogs. Just need to flip the wheel to change.

    I was very tempted. There is a 8 day wait in my store for builds, and the handlebars were massive (wide) - need changing or cutting down.

    Only onther strange thing is that the frame appears to be identical to the other Subways (perhaps with exception of dropouts), but the zero has much smaller tyres (28c). They look tiny given the room in the forks and rear triangle. I think I'd want to put 32s or 35s on.

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