Where Can I buy some Very Cheap Wheels?

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I want to buy some super cheap wheels for my wife to put on her road bike for winter training. Any ideas? They'll need to be suitable for use with a Shimano chainset.
(I know some of you might think cheap wheels are false economy, but she's just getting into cycling and I use Campag, so I don't want to over invest at this time!)
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  • Is £80 super cheap?

    Shimano R500 if it is. If not, second hand....
  • redddraggon
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    Shimano R500s are excellent wheels.

    I've been abusing them for 2 years commuting, still perfectly true and the brake tracks are still looking good, no issues with the hubs and bearings either - still smooth. Only cost me £45 then too, far better than the Ventos I have IMO.

    So if you can stretch to the R500s you won't be wasting your money.
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  • mrushton
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    Can't you get an expensive Campag. set, put one of those Ambrosio cassettes on (Campag hub/Shimano cogs) and if that wheelset happens to get transferred to your bike, well how about that :wink:
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    Ebay's your best bet. When my son had the wheels nicked off his bike at uni I got a pair of hardly used mtb wheels complete with tyres, tubes, QR skewers and cassette for £40.

    (And before anyone asks, they weren't the same ones, and I fitted some security skewers)
  • gkerr4
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    have you posted in the "for sale / wanted" section - someone close to you might have a set of shimano fit wheels which they would sell.

    I actually have a set of Bonty SSR's and shimano R531s hanging on the garage wall - but I am miles away from you, sorry.
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    Quest Comos are 80 quid and nice wheels for that money but pretty heavy!


    make good winter trainer wheels though
  • Evil Laugh
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    Decathlon sell very cheap wheels. I think iirc they had 700c wheels for about £20.
  • hammerite
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    Whatever you do don't go anywhere near Alex Rims wheels, pile of old plop. I had spokes go left right and centre in a short space of time.
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    Blatant plug, but I have some handbuilts in the classifieds...

    Open to offers

  • passout
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    I might be tempted to part with my fulcrum racing 7s for a sensible offer....?
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  • Many thanks for all your replies. I've had a rethink and have now decided to leave her current wheels (Botrager SSRs) on for the winter and will probably look to upgrade for something much better come next Spring.
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