Carbon Bike with Ultegra Group for £1300

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Can anybody point me in the direction of a bike in this range. Want full carbon frame with Ultegra Group. Will consider any make or model. Thanks.


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    worth a look at, or try some from ribble,

    or could always have a look in lbs for last years models.
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    Focus Cayo Ultegra 2009
  • I've just bought a Focus Team Milram Replica and can have been hugely impressed so far. Only been out on it twice, but its a quality machine. The Cayo carbon frame is great, stiff and very light, Sram kit is faultless, the FSA kit is good and the Fizik saddle is comfortable. Wiggle were, as always, very helpful throughout the buying process. I was going to go for the Cayo Ultegra, but had heard good things about the Sram Rival groupset and the finishing kit on the Milram is much better. There aren't many of the Milram's left though (large and extra large is all thats left I think), so don't take too long to decide :wink:

    PS This is my first road bike, so I guess I don't have too much to compare it to, but I'm loving it so far!
  • Thanks for all your reply's. I have just got confirmation that then Felt F4 sl will be dispatched tomorrow. I posted cause I thought that I had lost out again\and they were sold out. Had looked seriously at the Cayo Ultegra and that was going to be the next choice. Good to see that a few guys were recommending them. Had gone for the Ribble Nero RC with Ultegra SL but they pulled it from their Special Edition section just as I was about to order it. Thanks for the input.
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    what about the Ribble Nero RC with centaur? That would still be a cracking bike.
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    I went fot the ribble...with no regrets.
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