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Hi All
Newbie needing advice and this site looks like a good un. :) Going to take up cycling to get fitter and for fun too. Going to get a new bike and retire my old 10 year old mountain bike to become a winter hack. Was thinking about the Boardman Pro from Halfrauds on the cycle to work scheme. I'm a big lad, 6foot 2 and 18 stone with 32 inside leg. You think the pro would fit and how do i go about getting a seat on the bike to check when they only seem to be internet order? None stocked anywhere near me. cheers



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    You need to try one ideally - I would email Halfords and see if they can ship one to your local store.
  • i doubt they will they preotect those bikes like a cow protects its calf its rediculus
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    They got them in My local Halfrauds.

    Just luck/geography I suposse?
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    Well I managed to find a halfrauds with a Boardman Pro and the bike fits fine. Really light too, not like my old "Hawk Stealth" lol, (do they even make Hawk anymore?) :? Anyway ordered my voucher through the work, just waiting now. Still trying to get my ass used to cycling. Got padded shorts and my old hack has has quite a wide, spongey velos seat with the centre cut out. You think i would be better with a more narrow seat, not really sure whats the best thing to use? Any help would be great.