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replaced cable front mech

tytheringtontytherington Posts: 219
edited September 2009 in Workshop
hi one ane all snapped cable on front mech on sti 10 speed road bike

can any one tell me how i reset all works fine exept it will not gon on to largest gear


  • sheffsimonsheffsimon Posts: 1,282
    Was the STI lever all the way to the lowest chainring when you put the new cable on, if you know what I mean. Operate the lever as if you were selecting the smallest chainring, you can leave the cable in, but loosen it off at the front changer cable clamp. Then pull the cable tight and tighten the cable clamp.

    If the lever wasnt all the way to the lowest chainring when tightened the cable clamp, the lever wouldn't have enough travel to pull the changer far enough to reach the big chainring.

    Hope that makes sense :)
  • yes done that however when using your and my method it wont go on big gear, only way i found to do it was select 52 ring on lever pushiing mech over with hand so it align lge chain ring and tighten up pinch bolt this works but is very fidly and needs three hands

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