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Hi, I just bought a Proflex 768 frame that comes with a "free" RS Pike 409 Poploc fork and it arrives on Tuesday. ( No, I can't sleep with the excitement...)

I think this fork comes with a MAXLE. I've never used/seen one in the flesh, so...I assume it has to be used with a "Maxilated" - just made that up, perhaps I'll copyright it - front hub?

I want to build up some Rigida Taurus white tubeless rims. Got a nice Hope "normal" rear hub - black - so which front hub do I go for? I'll using it for aggressive XC/Trail centres in North Wales.

If the cost is too prohibitive, I'll just use my Marzocchi 600 XC and put the RS Pike on ebay.
Any info/advice appreciated. TA!


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