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140+ mles a week commuting

floosyfloosy Posts: 270
edited September 2009 in Commuting chat
14 miles each way commute... (to the train station)
with maybe one or two longer rides all the way into work... (35 miles)

and still have enough life in the legs for a club run on Sunday.

is it it sensible.....

vote for it please..



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Yes but its mad to do so.
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  • cjcpcjcp Posts: 13,345
    Depends on your present state of fitness. But, yes.

    I do 14miles each way - sometimes 4-7 miles more on the way home - with an increasing number ( :D ) of 20-25 mile rides on a Sunday. Ok, half the distance of your average club run, but very do-able.

    Is it sensible? Hell, yes. :D Infinitely more sensible that sitting in a germ-ridden train carriage.
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  • Possible.

    Thats a sunday club run followed by 5 days commuting; Saturday off, then start over.

    Can't see it long term, though there are some mileage junkies about

    Obviously I'm not one of them :oops:
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  • It shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm nowhere near fit (around 20 stone) but when I commute my route is about 22 miles each way and I don't find it too hard. I admit that I don't do it often (as I'm a lazy git) but I think I could probably do it each day, so you should be fine.

    I'm going to make more of an effort to cycle-commute more often, starting tomorrow.
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  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    I do 145 miles per week over mainly canal path (so a bit rough), takes nothing out of me as long as I eat enough. Still have plenty of energy left and go running on a Sunday morning.
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Mileage junkie calling.

    21 miles each way, 4-5 days through the summer when poss, back to 3 during school terms so only 126 per week now instead of 188 / 210.

    It's easy. The first mile & a ¼ is the hard bit but then you're into it, on the way. Getting to the point where it's easy is the hard bit - you have to get over the inclination to take the car. Once in the groove tho it's just the way you get to work. Definitely not mad though.

    Racing snake? Nah - late 40s, a bit overweight, but a decent road bike to do it on.

    Go to it. :)
  • yes possible but there are some well *buts*

    namely the route, ie if the route is full of double arrows might not be wise. and how fit you are,

    this said assuming it's a sane route and your fit, if your doing the club run then probably, you are.

    sounds like a goer to me.
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,426
    I do 40 miles round trip 5 days a week with occasional weekend rides. I usually do 200 miles a week sometimes more and only less if I have a day off work or am ill. It's not too hard, I'm quite new to this.
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  • gtvlussogtvlusso Posts: 5,112
    I covered 19,000 miles last year.....figure it for yourselves as I am too tired to be ar*ed!

    Yes, it is possible - lots of sleep, bananas and water!
  • Mileage junkie calling.
    you have to get over the inclination to take the car

    That's my problem. Work is 65 miles away, so even if I do cycle I drive for about 45 miles first... it's really hard to pull off the A40 and get on the bike!
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  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    Mileage junkie calling.
    you have to get over the inclination to take the car

    That's my problem. Work is 65 miles away, so even if I do cycle I drive for about 45 miles first... it's really hard to pull off the A40 and get on the bike!
    Fair point. A 130 mile commute would be deemed 'excessive' even in these parts. Stick to Poundon Hill, & the baby's-bottom smooth thrash between Calvert & Bottle Claydon. There's a nice bit of road for you to play on. :)
  • janm399janm399 Posts: 132
    My scenic commutes usually add up to 300 km a week, which is just over 180 miles. I was pretty knackered when I started riding long routes to and from work, but now it just feels normal.
    However, the 60 - 70 km daily commute is an *option* for me, I can take any number of shorter routes and the shortest one is just 6 miles.
    So, 180 m a week is possible, but there will be days when you will not enjoy the ride at all. Think dark, windy & rainy. As others have suggested, can you drive for a bit, park up and ride the rest of the way?
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  • AidyAidy Posts: 2,015
    I do 160 commuting miles/week, every week.

    Ride most weekends too. It's weird when you realise you've basically been on a bike every single day for a month.

  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,251
    Yup you can do it!

    I do 12 miles each way every day, so 120 a week commute, and often cycle 30 - 60 on a weekend as well. First couple of weeks you will feel quite tired but get used to it surprisingly fast.
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  • Yes it's do-able, I touch 140 miles a week with commuting/mtbk'ing, towpaths and tracks plus a little tarmac. Expect to spend more on food and have a day off once in a while, I also think commuting can lower your interest in cycling for pleasure somewhat.
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  • georgeegeorgee Posts: 537
    I do 140 a week commuting, then a club run on Sunday. Yesterday's run was 94k at an average of 30.7, legs today feel buggered.
  • FlasheartFlasheart Posts: 1,278
    Hell yeah , covert training go for it.
    I only live 1/2 a mile from work and I sort of envy anyone who can get a decent ride in to and from work.
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  • MithrasMithras Posts: 428
    17.5 miles each way. 5 days a week. By the end of the week I am pretty tired, however I'm a reative newbie and thngs are getting easier.
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  • I am fat, unhealthy, lazy and have no morals… I am a wretched example of humanity who should really be put down for the good of others. However I do cycle 22 miles a day and won’t tolerate any excuses… This is only my 4th week but I do feel as if I could do more. Especially when the gale force winds subside…
    But your body does need some rest. How long can you keep up a schedule like that..?
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  • floosyfloosy Posts: 270
    Thanks to all for the encouragement....

    makes it seem more than possible now.....

    though my legs are feeling it now after 3 days.....

  • chuckcorkchuckcork Posts: 1,471
    Just started a new job myself a few weeks ago, haven't had a full week riding in yet (most numerous being 4 days back to back) but at 18 miles or so each way (depending on which route I choose, still figuring route options out) its slightly longer than yours and I feel very doable. Compared to the train its no slower and compared to driving probably actually faster now the schools are back and congestion is way up, I'm probably (point to point for the distance) one of the faster commuters out there, a class in which I'm including cars.

    Haven't had a club run added in on top of that yet but personally I'd rather give my legs a rest and spend some time with the family, will no doubt come back in as a regular fixture.
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  • Work is 40 miles each way and I usually cycle it 2-3 times per week, and then 2 X 40+ mile rides on the weekend. I try to keep it up spring to autumn, but in winter too dark & unsafe, as I do not trust drivers to properly defrost their windscreens. 240-320+ per week is possible and I still consider myself a relative newbie as I only started cycling early last year. Keep going it does get easier.
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