cycle sense in tadcaster

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Just wanted to give a shout out to cycle sense in tadcaster! Customer service is absolutly brilliant and a big thank you to the mechanic IAN, if anyone from the york tadcaster, leeds area you need to check out this little cycle shop. I travel from bramley in leeds to get my bits and pieces and have my bike looked at, a total of around 35 ish miles round trip because they are that good. so well done guys! you deserve a mention.


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    customer service is very good, only downside is that its abit of a small shop, but sitll i got there more than i go to most of shops closer to leeds
  • May as well shout Lloyds cycles in swadlincote derbyshire , it is small but they kno wwhat they are talking about , and they made me a custom rear block with ratios a lot closer to what i want they guy actually put them in order with the spacers and bound them together with a tie so i didnt get them mixed up on the way home :lol:
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