Maps for Garmin 605/705

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This has probably been mentioned before on here but after a short time using it I thought it would be worth mentioning again.

After recently buying a Garmin Edge 605 I was under whelmed by the quality of the mapping, (City Navigator) I had a look at the Garmin Topo maps and to see anything other than major roads you need to be so zoomed in as to loose any feel of the area that you're looking at.

So not being happy with what I had I went looking for something else, (now what does that remind me of) anyway. I stumbled across openstreetmap.

OK it's not perfect even in my local area there are a large number of streets not on the map, but and this is where it scores above both of the garmin maps, it shows cycle paths and bridalways, it's also topographic though at the present this is of no concern to me.

It's also FREE just download it put it onto a micro sd card (I used one that I had in my phone) and have a look, website here and you can download from here ... n/Download the one you want is around 2/3 down the page and the link name is I've been out with it a couple of times now with no problems and it works fine with garmin training center.