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Did i Win???

ChillyGetsTrillyChillyGetsTrilly Posts: 75
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:lol: hahahahha :lol:

great reaction. classic!


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Heh heh... Nice one.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,430

    What ARE the rules on that though? Apparently he did win. Does that mean you could get off your bike, throw it across the line and run after it?
  • i dont know, good question... i'm assuming just the bike has to cross. don't think you could throw it further than you'd be able to ride it, however. :wink:
  • As posted by someone on YouTube........

    To those wanting a clear statement, Kevin did win this particular sprint. It was under USAC rules, and he won because his "front tire first penetrate[d] the imaginary vertical plane passing through the leading edge of the finish line"
    . His fall might have interfered with the other racer, in violation of at least one other rule [e.g. 1Q6], but the judge probably concluded that he would have won even if he hadn't fallen. Unable to race anymore that night, he officially didn't finish.
    Let's close our eyes and see what happens
  • oh... nice! thankx!
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