Do Ribble answer the phone?

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Sorry for the sarcastic title

I am "trying" to spend approx 2 1/2k on a bike

I had thought it would be a Ribble but I need to ask who they use for delivery as the local couriers here are rubbish

Ive tried email but would rather chat on the phone
Their phones have been engaged all of yesterday and today

Do they have a problem or is this a sign of their customer service in general?



  • sturmey
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    I'm afraid this is the standard level of customer service. Their bikes and their prices are good but they don't have enough staff willing or able to cope with all the customers they get.
    APIII Posts: 2,010
    I've only ever needed to call them once and got through ok. I usually email them, and get a reply back the same day normally. If I was buying a bike, I'd want to speak to someone first, for sure.
    However, there seems to be many who've had the same experience as yourself. Theiy're probably a victim of their own success (not that that helps you of course)
    The last thing I ordered came via parcelforce btw.
  • Harry182
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    I called Planet-X today with a wheels question. The person who answered the phone couldn't help but took my number and I got a call back within the hour. Planet-X also sell bikes and they currently have a sale on... Might be worth a look (if you haven't already.)
  • Clum84
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    To be fair i think they've got a problem of some sort the last couple of days. I've been speaking to them on off for the last week without issue bar the last two days.
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