Dual purpose single speed cross bike with disc brakes

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My garage is almost at capacity, and having recently married my next bike needs to serve a number of purposes...

I'd like a fairly racey singlespeed for my winter commute, but also fancy something which could be used part time for some minor offroad - ideally with disc brakes.

Does anyone know of a frame with track ends and race fork that will take disc brakes?



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    nic_77 wrote:
    and having recently married my next bike

    :shock: :lol:
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    Cotic Roadrat... but I wouldn't describe the forks as "racey". But then you're going to struggle to find racey forks that accept a disc. There are some cyclocross forks around but they're not cheap.
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  • I use an on-one pompino which is a cyclo cross style frame . It doesn`t take disc brakes but i use flat bars with bar ends to stretch out and motor a bit. I use shimano xt brakes off a mountain bike. which are more than up to any "off road" trails that a cyclo cross frame can handle. You can run single speed/fixed for a varied work out
    This was a relativley cheap build. If this is no good you can buy a cross bike with disc brakes and convert to single speed , but this sounds a bit more expensive .
    Have fun trying.
    A quick look at the planet x / on-one site shows you can fit a front disc to the pompino , provided you use the correct forks.
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    redvee wrote:
    nic_77 wrote:
    and having recently married my next bike

    :shock: :lol:

    probably legal in California :wink:
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    OK... having looked around, I've decided to forego the disc brakes - the Roadrat looks good, but they don't have stock.

    I'm down to one of two:
    Specialized Tricross around £450 on Evans
    Felt Breed around £675 is the cheapest I can find where it's in stock

    Firstly, anyone know of a LBS (near Cambridge) with the Felt in stock to beat this price?

    Secondly, any opinion on which I should go for... the Felt is better spec'd, and I'd probably spend the difference upgrading the Specialized. However the Specialized would accept a rack - I can't decide if this sufficiently important as I usually commute with my stuff in a rucksack, but in the winter I might just have a bit more to carry...

    Decisions, decisions...

  • Specialized Tricross 09 is £391.48 at Cycles UK, but in limited size!

    http://www.cyclesuk.com/139-258513?a501 ... 6c98640a11
  • Singular Peregrine is what I'd really like, alas, a lack of cash ends that thought process!


    I reckon that fits the bill just right, but custom builds don't come cheap!
  • I like drum brakes, which don't need a specific fork like discs do.
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    FWIW best bet would be to find a 29er SS frame with disc mounts and sliding drop-outs and fit with drop bars etc.
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    Van Dessel Country Road Bob probably ticks all the boxes. Getting one in the UK might not be that straightforward particularly given the pound dollar exchange rate right now.

    Must admit I do keep looking at it myself though.